Opportunity Collaboration


Corporate Change Leaders + Conversations = Unearthed Passion and Purpose 


Opportunity Collaboration brings together diverse executive women leaders, established business owners, and emerging millennials to contribute their feminine power to initiate workforce advancement for women and cultural change to improve workforce environments.


By collaborating and partnering with other women leaders and professional networks, we succeed in the exchange of ideas by learning from the experiences of other women for personal and professional development.


With S.E.W.N like networking groups across the U.S., Opportunity Collaboration has connected millions of women throughout the U.S. in the last decade. Become a part of the conversation by attending a S.E.W.N. event today. We welcome you to join our growing community of women leaders who are changing the workforce making work a better place.

Senior Executive Women's Network, LLC, Hartford, CT 06103


T: 860-899-9431

 or 860-463-1165



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