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Bold Leaps Mastermind


Our Bold Leaps Mastermind in 2022 had incredible results. Our attendees wanted to share their experiences with the next generation of

Bold Leap Graduates. 


Kim Pita 
Serial Entrepreneur 
| Author |Speaker Founder | Love Your Mental Health Art & Wellness Studio/Kelly’s Wings Gift Shop

“This Mastermind group led by Loretta came at a perfect time in my life when I needed guidance and accountability to launch and propel my new business ventures. She provided us with exercises and tools for us to dig deep and uncover our strengths, uniqueness, and overall brand focus. Meeting weekly kept each of us on track and established a lasting female bond that is priceless.”

Gail R. Kulas
MSCIM, MBA | (860) 930-6521 |

“I was hesitant to attend the Mastermind Group because at the time it would stretch me financially, however, I am REALLY glad I decided to invest in myself and my business.  I have been saying for the past year, “I need a me for me”.  As a business consultant I am looked to as ‘the expert’ and sometimes I need an accountability partner for my business, which is the primary reason for this investment.
Loretta is a trusted resource to help me with my brand marketing journey. She knew the questions to ask and knew exactly when to ask the right questions.  She has an amazing talent. She has an amazing talented of culling down what I say into a more direct and succinct message.  Additionally, she held me accountable to the goals I set for myself at the beginning of the Mastermind.  Not an easy task!
Furthermore, the Mastermind Team she assembled, was a perfect balance of subject matter experts.  We were compliments to each other’s strengths and partners to help overcome weaknesses.  I am very happy I made the investment in my business.  I truly believe this experience, with the guided assistance of Loretta, was exactly what I need to take my business to the next level.”

Concrete Wall

Suzanne McColl, 
 LPC - Spreading the message of Trauma to Triumph | Taking Women Leaders
from Stuck to Freedom and Possibility
|Providing Telehealth EMDR/Psychotherapy | Leading
| Speaking | Author on Leaving Limiting Beliefs Behind

“I was recently in Loretta’s Bold Leaps Mastermind. She is so talented with all the information she gave us regarding clarity in our branding, customer journey and in how to develop the products needed to enable the next level success of my business. Loretta gave us above and beyond her basic time commitment and the mastermind allowed me to reach my business goals for the quarter and to get me on track for success going forward! And she knows how to pull together like-minded women which allowed us all to create meaningful, supportive and important relationships with each other. I’m signing up for the next mastermind! I strongly recommend Loretta’s coaching programs to entrepreneurs who want to up level their business.”

Dee DiFatta
PositiviDee Coach Inspirational Speaker Educator |
Author of "Your Daily Dose of PositiviDee"   
Cell: 413-364-5529
Website: ADoseofPositiviDee

“Being part of Loretta Steven S.E.W.N. Bold Leaps Mastermind has empowered me to trust myself and expand my business. Until this point, I had been playing safe and small. Working with Loretta has given me the confidence to get curious about my gifts and talents and explore new options.

In the 2 months we have been working together, I have received the motivation, direction, and accountability to redefine myself and my business and create all of the essential marketing materials to back it up. I am thrilled and overjoyed to be relaunching A Dose of PositiviDee.”

With Gratitude PositiviDee,


Naomi Rafalowicz (She/Her), 
1st degree connection1st |Certified ICF Life Coach at Mind Spirit Coaching | Positive Intelligence Certified Coach 

“Working with Loretta in her 4-month Mastermind was exactly what my business needed! Over the short four months, I learned not just what I needed to do to accelerate my marketing, define who I am as a Life Transition and Life Purpose Coach, what special talents I bring, how to refine and define my branding, but most of all, Loretta provided the support and expertise that enabled me to feel confident in my business. Loretta really listened and supported me in exactly the areas that I needed most. Her customized support, along with her overall expertise has brought me visibility, success, and most of all, the joy of reaching and working with so many
women as they move through their own life transition, with support, success, confidence, and a renewed sense of authenticity. Thank you, Loretta!”

We as women leaders make choices every day to take a step in the direction we've always wanted to go. With the guidance of our S.E.W.N. Network and Elizabeth Gilbert's Big Magic, we are devoted to our goals, push past our fears and make our dreams come true. 


“living a life that is driven more strongly by curiosity than by fear.”
― Elizabeth Gilbert, Big Magic: Creative Living Beyond Fear

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