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The secret to achieving 6-figures and reaching your goals 

Bold Leaps Masterminds


What Is 

Bold Leaps Masterminds? 

Bold Leaps Mastermind is a streamlined business accelerator designed to save you time in your business that gets you out of your head and into organized action. Each monthly mastermind session is structured to help you increase your revenues with effective sales and branding strategies that will help you to close more business, boost your brand visibility, and raise your authority as a credible leader in your field or industry without the overwhelm.


Bold Leaps Masterminds?

As a woman business owner, focus, mindset, and community are critical for scalable growth. In Bold Leaps Mastermind, we will build your 90-120 day success plan and work to implement the plan as we go through it each week and month. We will also explore the use of digital platforms such as LinkedIn, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, and ChatGPT choosing the platform(s) and how much is truly necessary to create the business you desire + includes a workable plan, resources, and tools to use on your terms to achieve results. For each team member. Make it short and informative to keep your visitors engaged.

Really it works. 


What's Included in

Bold Leaps Masterminds?

Bold Leaps Mastermind includes a weekly micro-intensive Q&A lab to answer your challenges, that may include hot seat coaching with the group + accountability every Friday with Loretta Stevens, CEO, via Zoom.


The labs and Mastermind Sessions will not be recorded for confidentiality reasons.

How does my business benefit

from Bold Leaps Masterminds? 

  • Increased Brand Authority

  • Increased Competitive Advantage

  • Increased Credibility

  • Increased Focus

  • Increased Lead Generation

  • Increased Referrals & Resources

  • Increased Followers

  • Increased Views/Engagement

  • Increased Efficiency

  • Increased Organization

  • Increased Collaborations

  • Increased Friendships

  • Increased Income/sales


Class Size

Class size is limited to only 6 participants for maximum impact.
The Bold Leaps Business Mastermind is chock full and packed with results that will help you to earn your next 6-figures by adjusting only a few things that you can do differently with your communications strategy and business plan. At the end of this mastermind, you will understand how to prioritize and manage your time effectively so that you can experience business growth, joy, income, and fulfillment while serving a greater purpose in improving the lives of your clients. 

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