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Transitions are an integral part of our existence. We are meant to change, evolve, and flourish as we weave together the years of our life, crafting a fulfilling legacy on our own terms. While transitions can be challenging, they needn't be daunting. You don’t have to face them alone. I am passionate about supporting women in their personal and professional development and am excited to introduce you to the Senior Executive Women's Network. This network is a vibrant community of women eager to share their successful transition stories, make new connections, and invest in themselves and their businesses.  I am eager to meet you and discover more about your journey as you pursue your definition of success. I look forward to meeting with you soon. 




Loretta Stevens 

President of the Senior Executive Women's Network, LLC

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My Story

My story might echo yours. You've navigated multiple career transitions, each time feeling a bit lost and stressed by the impact on your family and self-worth. Despite being a pillar of strength, you reached a breaking point, realizing you were destined for more, perhaps even entrepreneurship. You vowed to never let this happen again, determined to master your career trajectory.

Thirteen years ago, I mastered the art of career transition, along with finding my purpose as CMOx and executive coach. Acknowledging that success isn’t a one-time event but a continuous adaptation through economic fluctuations, job changes, and personal and professional growth, this led to the creation of S.E.W.N. The network is designed with the understanding that as we age, we continue to work and redefine our roles, transitioning towards entrepreneurship or mentorship.

Since becoming a fractional CMO and entrepreneur, I've dedicated myself to understanding lifelong career success. My journey has taught me that passion drives us until the end. Currently, I leverage my skills in branding, marketing, advertising, and leadership to help others define their unique abilities and align with their core values, facilitating transitions into fulfilling leadership roles or entrepreneurship. S.E.W.N., now celebrating its 10th year, continues to support women through executive coaching, Bold Leaps Mastermind™, and empowerment networking opportunties.

If this resonates with you, I invite you to join our vibrant community to connect, grow, and find renewed purpose in your business and career through the Senior Executive Women's Network.  Also, join our private Facebook and LinkedIn groups. We are excited to support and journey with you. Feel free to book a time on my calendly below. 

860-463-1165 - Text me here

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